Brazil Nuts – 250 Gms


Excellent sources of selenium.
A source of omega 6 fatty acids.
Sourced from their natural origin of Amazon rain forest.
It is a fine addition to your diet

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Selenium Rich:
Brazil nuts are known to be excellent sources of selenium. It is a mineral that helps regulate certain bodily functions.

For Skin and Hair:
As a powerful antioxidant, brazil nuts may help reduce oxidative stress and help defend the body from chronic diseases.

Essential Nourishment:
Brazil nuts are rich in Selenium which is known to be an essential mineral. Essential minerals are can only be acquired through diet. It is also a source of omega 6 fatty acids.

Authentic Source:
From the rain forests of Amazon, these nuts are sourced from their natural origin. Meaning, this produce is cultivated in the most ideal conditions available.

Culinary Uses:
Brazil nuts can be used in a wide array of Confections and baked foods. It is a fine addition to your diet and should be consumed moderately.


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