Hazel Nuts – 250 Gms


Fresh and Delicious.
Enjoy them raw, relish them when roasted with salt.
Natural source of energy.
Can be added to your cooking recipes like breads, loaves, muffins, salads, trail mix, cakes, pasta, biscuit and other sweet recipe.

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Eat as a snack:

To get rid of your hunger pangs consume a handful of hazelnut as a quick snack. Carry the hazelnut packet to your office, gym or while traveling.

Add into baking items:

Hazelnut takes a great place in most of the baking items. Whether it is cookies or cakes, hazelnuts can be added to it for a rich flavour and taste.

Add it to your salads:

Hazelnut being a highly nutritious nut it can be added into your daily bowl of salads. Sprinkle some toasted hazelnuts to your bowl of carrot salad and enjoy a healthy yet tasty recipe.


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